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Elevate your RFN’s performance with custom controller tuning!

Custom controller tuning - RFN

Posted 28.02.2024

Custom controller tuning - RFN
Fine-tune power modes, torque, and throttle response to match your style! Save big and ride better!

Looking to take your RFN experience to the next level? Look no further than our custom controller tuning service! In a league of its own, the RFN controller offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing riders to fine-tune its standard mapping for optimal performance tailored to individual preferences.

With our custom tuning service, all four of the RFN’s power modes, including the reverse gear, can be independently adjusted. Experience significant enhancements in torque, throttle response, and overall power output, with the ‘Rocket Mode’ boasting an impressive 12.5kw – a remarkable 50% increase over similarly priced competitors.

What’s more, our service is not only performance-driven but also cost-effective. For just £134.99, including next-day return delivery of the modified controller, riders can enjoy the most bang for their buck, saving hundreds compared to the costly custom controllers required by other brands.

Don’t settle for average performance – unlock the full potential of your RFN with our custom controller tuning service today!

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